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The Update Check works with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer up to version 10. The functionality with other browsers is not guaranteed.

Note: Update Check does not work with Internet Explorer 11.

Anscheinend verwenden Sie eine ältere Firefox-Version.

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Every time you visit a website you leave behind tracks. Your browser sends information such as browser type, operating system and IP numbers to the web server. This information can be stored on the server as LOG files and mined. And if Javascript is activated, the server can access a lot of additional information.
External IP-Address:
Tracking-protection (DNT): enabled
Operating system:

Browser Informations:

When communicating with the web server, your browser transfers an enormous amount of data. They can be selected via the server variables.

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A Fingerprint can be used to identify your browser, for example, when you revisit a website and use this information for advertising purposes.

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Operating system:

It was possible to access the information in the following table about your operating system, your browser and screen resolution.

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Flash Check:

The Adobe Flash Player Plug-in is responsible for the display of multi-media applications in your browser..

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